One beautiful poem for school farewell party

One beautiful poem for school farewell party

It was a time to remember, a time to feel sad along with a time to feel hopeful, and thankful. This was the way the feelings of the day were expressed on Friday, June 24, 2010 at the sight of the burned out Grade School of District 442.  It was a time to remember all the pleasant memories that were part of its history. It was a day to reminisce about the years spent there; whether it was learning and growing up or teaching and remembering all the things that happened in the 69 years this building was a school.

Even like this, the two of us came to faraway
Your smile from while you were young
Back then won’t return anymore

I love the world in which you laugh
And I want to be by your side, just that
With pains that I started to forget in my chest

Time goes by
The flow of time changes the two of us
But the things that we’ve lost and things that we dream of, too
I’ll take your hand and remember them
Always, by your side

Because I want to remember even the sad things
On your map
Please leave a page for me

The wind that blows from the future
You believed in it back then
Tomorrow, soar higher up…

Time goes by
Even if time passes, I’m sure that unchanging things exist
Because I can’t reach them, because I want to find them
I’ll go search for the wings of dreams
Please be by my side, forever…

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